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When contemplating the installation of a cricket facility there are a number of questions you will need to ask yourself to determine which carpet/facility will suit your requirements.

Are the systems ECB approved?

Both the Hard Porous and ‘T’ Base have ECB Approval. Artificial Tufted is waiting for ECB approval.

How long have you been installing the systems?

The Hard Porous system since 1980 and the ‘T’ Base since 1992.

What’s the difference between the two systems?

The Hard Porous system is constructed with the unbound aggregates e.g. loose stone particles and the ‘T’ Base consists of bound materials e.g. macadam.

What is the cost implication for each system?

The Hard Porous system is the least expensive to install but the ‘T’ Base system will prove cost-effective over the long-term due to minimal maintenance and servicing requirements.

Is the playing performance the same for both systems?

No. The Hard Porous system will vary in speed and bounce in different weather conditions whereas the ‘T’ Base will remain consistent.

What is the speed of the pitch?

The Hard Porous will have a slow to medium speed and the ‘T’ Base will be medium to quick.

What about the bounce?

The Hard Porous will have a low to medium bounce and the ‘T’ Base medium to high.

Do the systems take spin?


How is the Cricketweave carpet secured?

The carpet is power stretched and stapled to a permanent tanalised timber edging.

Why do we use timber edgings?

We install tanalised treated timber edgings to provide full width Cricketweave carpets to each bay within a practice facility. The edgings are long lasting and enable us to stretch and secure the carpet to form a neat joint without the fear of ‘trip’ hazards. It also means that we are able to replace a single bay, without having to renew the whole facility.

When do we use concrete edging?

We can lay and haunch concrete edgings around the perimeter of the timber edgings on a new practice facility if requested by the client. We also strongly recommend the use of concrete edgings in conjunction with our ECB approved ‘T’ Base System in high risk flood areas.

Is any of the carpet nailed directly into the ground?

No. The Cricketweave carpet and any infill carpet will all be stapled to timber around the perimeter and to each bay internally in practice facilities, creating a neater finish.

Can we play on the pitch immediately after it is completed?

Yes. However the Hard Porous system will take 2-3 months to finally consolidate and reach its optimum performance. During this time you may need to water and roll the surface to help this process. The ‘T’ Base will perform perfectly from day one.

Does the pitch require any maintenance?

Yes. Both systems require general maintenance such as brushing the surface for grass clippings, leaves, trimming the grass edges, weed and moss treatment and line marking. In addition, the Hard Porous system, because of its unbound base, may require more specialist maintenance including watering and rolling during prolonged spells of dry weather.

Does the pitch require servicing?

The ‘T’ Base system will not require any servicing due to bound macadam base which should not alter during its lifespan. The Hard Porous system will require a complete service by specialists, probably every 2-4 years depending how much it has been used.

Are both systems suitable for match pitches and practice facilities?

Yes. Both systems are installed for match pitches, batting and bowling ends or single or multi-bay practice facilities complete with cages.

Are the sytems suitable for all standards of players?

Both systems will respond to all standards.

What areas in the country do you cover?

We install facilities in the whole of England, Scotland and Wales as well as further afield if required.

Do you use your own labour, or do you sub-contract?

We have three teams of installers, who have been with the company between 15-35 years. They are equipped with our own lorries, trailers and mini-diggers to carry out the complete installation. The only work we may sub-contract would be specialised security fencing.