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When contemplating the installation of a floodlighting scheme for tennis there are a number of questions you will need to ask yourself to determine which scheme will suit your requirements.

What standard of play will take place on the courts? As a guide, the following are the recommended illuminance levels based on a maintenance factor of 80%: -

Recreational 300 Lux
Club 400 Lux – LTA minimum
County 500 Lux – LTA recommended

A standard ADVANTAGE layout with 6No 1kW luminaires per court will meet the LTA minimum requirements.

A standard OptiVision layout with 4No 2kW luminaires per court will meet the LTA recommended requirements.

If you have more than one tennis court, do you require courts to be lit individually?

Both ADVANTAGE & OptiVision can provide individual court lighting.

Is column height and their position an important aspect of your scheme?

ADVANTAGE luminaires can be mounted on 6 metre to 8 metre high columns.

OptiVision luminaires can be mounted on 8 metre or 10 metre high columns.

Will you have problems obtaining planning permission?

ADVANTAGE distributes the light evenly over the area by means of unique internal reflectors and due to its low mounting height is ideal for contentious planning applications.

Do you prefer a white light?

Both ADVANTAGE & OptiVision give a white light from a metal halide lamp.

The next choice is one of expense?

Both systems provide low running costs.  The LTA minimum requirements can be met with 6kW per hour per court (ADVANTAGE) and the LTA recommended requirements can be met with 8kW per hour per court (OptiVision).

Do you require low maintenance costs?

Both systems utilise a metal halide lamp with a rated life of approximately 12000 hours on a 10-hour start.

Is the installation aesthetically pleasing?

ADVANTAGE columns are tubular with extension arms and along with the luminaires are finished in holly bush green.

OptiVision columns are tubular with mounting brackets and along with the luminaires are finished in self colour – galvanised.

What is low level lighting?

ADVANTAGE is specifically designed for low-level lighting.