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LTA Approved Systems

ADVANTAGE Box-Type’ System


The ADVANTAGE luminaire was designed specifically for lighting tennis courts and with its unique multi-sided reflector system, minimises glare and light spillage.

ADVANTAGE produces maximum lighting levels and uniformity when installed at a mounting height of 6.7 metres.

The low mounting height combined with the compact clean appearance of the luminaire produces an unobtrusive design.  It is therefore perfectly suited to club and residential tennis and most planning authorities will find it an acceptable solution to the environmental pollution of traditional floodlights.

Philips OptiVision ‘Corner-Lit’ System


 OptiVision is an asymmetric downlighting luminaire that combines compact dimensions with very high efficiency.  With different beam options available, it provides excellent control of spill light and limitation of glare.

Ideal for clubs that prefer a perimeter lit scheme and for those sites with few residential houses, but some local natural screening.  The most commonly applied solution is the application of four 8 or 10 metre high columns, per court, arranged in a corner lit configuration, with four projector fittings per court inclined at low aiming angles.


For more information, go on the LTA “Floodlighting Outdoor Tennis Courts Guidance” Section